Product : ISaGRAF V3.3

Date    : 29-April-1999

File    : RainbowPb.Using External Floppy Drivers on Parallel Port.htm

Subject : Using External Floppy Drivers on Parallel Port

Keywords: Protection key - Rainbow - parallel port - external floppy driver


External floppy drives cannot be accessed when attached

behind Sentinel Rainbow Key(s) on the parallel port


For example, on Cannon Notebook model INNOVA NOTE 3800FX with key,

2 straight-through cables, and external floppy driver

also on LapTop DELL latitude CP


Solution: if the floppy drive is necessary to use in conjunction

with the key, the external floppy driver can be installed as an

internal driver by exchanging it with the internal CD-ROM drive

while the power is off.

If the solution above is not effective, try to connect the floppy

drive with a PC MCIA card.


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