Product : ISaGRAF V3 Advanced Tool Kit

Date    : 15-February-1996

File    : Scogxopt.Compil options when adding FBs to the simulator.htm

Subject : Compiling options when adding FBs to the simulator

Keywords: Simulator - C function - C function block - MSVC options


When adding functions or function blocks to the ISaGRAF simulator,

using the IsaGRAF Development Kit (IDK / WbDevKit),

some problems may happen, which lead to strange behaviour at run time.

This is generally due to conventions in data addressing conventions of MSVC++.


Using MSVC++, the following option must be added to the compiler

command line:


/Gx- (assume that data is far)


This option can be found in the "memory model" group in the compiler

options, when using the MSVC++ workbench.


This applies also to the building of all ISaGRAF DLLs referenced in

IDK / Workbench Dev Kit part: ISDK_COM, ISDK_TXT and ISDK_FBD.


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