Product : ISaGRAF V3

Date    : 20-May-1999

File    : IXL.IXLConnect does not check if appli is running.htm

Subject : IXLConnect does not check if appli is running

Keywords: IXL - Running application


Remember that IXL is not a documented and supported feature


the function IXLConnect does not check if appli is running.

To do this test, use the function IXLTestAppTGT( ).

This function is correctly implemented in the sense where it

returns an error while the application is being downloaded.

Except that it uses mutexes and in case of concurrent calls

from multiple threads it could give a wrong return

(i.e. appli is running).

You have to ensure that there are no concurent calls.


After a successfull connection,

you have to disconnect if there is no application running


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