Product : ISaGRAF V3

Date    : 24-April-1996

File    : PCscada.Implement a SCADA comm link on a PC target.htm

Subject : How to implement a SCADA comm link on a PC target

Keywords: SCADA - Communication link


Below are main features which have to be developped to implement

a communication link between a PC ISaGRAF target (mono-task) and

a scada system:

1- Install a comm driver

2- In dba_init entry point (from server in synchronous mode)

make a pulling system to get request from the communication

3- Use BF_BOO and BF_ANA arrays to read variable values from

ISaGRAF database. Other services from server option in

synchronous mode can also be used to read/write variables.

Such a development has to be independent from the development of

IO drivers and C function blocks.

You have to ensure that the comm driver you use can be used with

the ISaGRAF one. If not, you have to use the IDK (ISaGRAF Development

Kit) to redirect both ISaGRAF standard communication and SCADA link to

a multi-port comm driver.


Remember it is also possible to replace the debugger by the

SCADA if both communications do not need to run simultaneously

and if the SCADA protocol is MODBUS.


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