Product : ISaGRAF v3 - IDK

Date    : 18-February-1997

File    : Apl_Date.Retrieve on kernel application date and version.htm

Subject : How to retrieve on kernel side application date & version

Keywords: apl_def_version - application date - application version


There is a function that can be called from the ISaGRAF kernel:

uint16 apl_def_version(uint32 *date).

The uint16 value returned by this function is the version number of

the application running on the target.

The "date" is the application date (the apl_def_version copies

application date into a space reserved by the function caller).

The format of the date is the date format returned by the C

function "time".

But ICS Triplex ISaGRAF Inc. does not guarantee that this undocumented function and that

date format will be maintained in future releases of ISaGRAF kernel.


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