Product : ISaGRAF V3

Date    : 12-March-1996

File    : It.How to handle interrupts with ISaGRAF.htm

Subject : how to handle interrupts with ISaGRAF?

Keywords: interrupt


The ISaGRAF target kernel is a main loop (the cycle), and makes

pulling for I/O update. It is normally not designed for interrupt


On a multitasking host system, you can block an ISaGRAF cycle in the

"scan input" step, waiting for a hardware interrupt. This is an easy

way to run a cycle under interrupt. Be careful: the cycle timing

measured by ISaGRAF is no more significant in this case.

Generally, a low level action is programmed in "C" to handle an

interrupt, making a very simple reflex action. Such a processing

can be packaged in a "C" function block so it can be controlled

by an ISaGRAF cycle.


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