Product : ISaGRAF 3.30

Date    : 1999

File    : DDEclien. How to use CJ DDE Client.htm

Subject : How to use CJ DDE Client

Keywords: DDE


Both the ISaGRAF NT target and the ISaGRAF simulator/debugger are

DDE servers

ICS Triplex ISaGRAF Inc. is delivering on request and without any guarantees, a DDE client,

called Client.exe

Here is the way to use this DDE client:

1-FOR THE NT TARGET, the NT target must run an application, and

the symbol table must have been doanloaded.

The server name is:


where s is the slave number

2-FOR THE DEBUGGER or SIMULATOR, the server name is:



Procedure to follow with the client:

- Launch the DDE client

- In the DDE client window, select the menu 'DDE' and then

choose 'Connect'.

- In the dialog box displayed,

a- write the name of the DDE server in the box 'application'

b- write the name of the project in the box 'topic'

c- and then click on 'connect'.

- In the menu 'DDE', select 'Start transaction'

- Write in the box 'item' the name of the variable to be spied and

- Choose the type of transaction to execute

(only Request, Advise and Poke are supported).


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