Product : ISaGRAF V.3.x

Date    : 4-june-1997

File    : NetDDE.DDE exchanges with NT target over a network.htm

Subject : DDE exchanges with NT target over a network

Keywords: DDE - NT target - network - DDEShare.exe


How to use DDE exchanges with the NT target over a network ?

Following is a description of the method :

With NetDDE services, it is possible to access a DDE server over a

network. To achieve this, the DDE client instead of connecting to

the DDE server directly, will use a share. A share is a description

of the DDE server, it has a name : the share name. To describe a

share, we will use the DDEShare.exe application. This application

can be used on any PC under NT.

1) On the DDE server side, start the ‘Network DDE‘ service :

1.1) On the DDE server PC, launch the DDEShare application:

. click on 'start' button from NT menu bar

. click on 'run' menu item

. then type 'DDESHARE'

A new window with menus will appear.

1.3) With the ‘Shares/DDE Shares’ menu , add a share.

1.4) Give a name in the ‘Share Name’ box, this name will

be used latter for DDE connections ex :’Target1’

1.5) Fill in the Static Application Name with ‘ISASRVs’

where s is the slave number of the ISaGRAF NT target

you want to use.

1.6) Fill in the static Topic Name with the name of the

running application to which you want to establish

a DDE connection.

1.7) Click on OK : you have created a share.

1.8) You have to trust it now to be able to use it in a

remote connection. Select the share you want to

trust and click on ‘Trust Share’

1.9) Check the ‘Initiate to Application Enable’ box and

click on OK

1.10)That’s all for declaring a share, you can now close

the DDEShare application.

12) Start the ISaGRAF NT target on the DDE server PC,

start your application when DDE server is enabled.

2) On the client side :

Note : If the client is running Windows95, you’ll have to start

NetDDE.exe first (no window is visible when this executable runs)

2.1) You just have to initiate a connection with

the following server name :

\\machineName\NDDE$ where machineName is the name of

the PC NT DDE server and NDDE$ is a permanent NetDDE

server name.

(You do not have to enter ISASRV1, because that name

has already been entered in share name)

The topic name is the name of the share example :


2.2) It is possible that the DDE connection manager 

asks you for a user name and a password (and a domain

name), you will have to use a registered user and non

empty password.

This user should be registered on the server PC NT.


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