Product : ISaGRAF NT target v3.2x

Date    : 28-February-1997

File    : NTDDE.Exact format of DDE messages returned by server .htm

Subject : Exact format of the DDE messages returned by the server

Keywords: NT target - DDE - DDE message


Following is the exact format of the DDE messages:

ISaGRAF variables types DDE string

BOOLEAN - for the version 3.20 :"TRUE" or "FALSE"

- since the version 3.21: "1" (for TRUE) or "0" (for FALSE)

ANALOG integer integer is converted in a string with %d in a

sprintf function

ANALOG float float is converted in a string with %G in a

sprintf function

TIMER - for version 3.20 : timers are converted in a

string with %dH%dmin%ds%d in the sprintf function.

- since version 3.21 :the timer values are

expressed in milliseconds without units,

MESSAGE - for the version 3.20 : it is not yet implemented

on V3.20, ISaGRAF DDE Server always answer "/".

- since the version 3.21 : the messages are

expressed as C strings

(i.e. zero terminated strings)

These formats are in the ISaDDE\DDE.C file of the source files of the

target in the 'ReqVaRequest' function.

ICS Triplex ISaGRAF Inc. may change these formats.


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