Product : ISaGRAF NT target v3.x

Date    : 29 September 1997

File    : OPENBRD.Why 'can not open BRD' ERROR appears.htm

Subject : Why 'can not open BRD' ERROR appears

Keywords: I/O error - NT target - I/O boards


Q: I'm designing an EasyIO DLL for NT.

A "Cannot open board." error is displayed each time I try to

start the application.

But my driver is in the EasyIO list in the 'View Information'

dialog box of the target. And with the C debugger, I can see

that my DLL isn't even loaded into memory.

A: Probably this error then indicates that the NT driver kmiont.sys

isn't correctly installed.

Solution: you have to reinstall the NT target.

And don't forget to have administrator's rights when doing this,

otherwise the driver will not be installed, and the problem will

not be fixed.

If you are using Windows95 instead of WindowsNT, you will have

the same error, for the same cause. But you can not use I/O drivers

for the NT target on Win95 or Win98.


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