Product : ISaGRAF NT target v3.21

Date    : 01-September-1997 / updated November-1999

File    : OPTO22.How to manage OPTO22 IO with ISaGRAF NT target.htm

Subject : How to manage OPTO22 IO with ISaGRAF NT target

Keywords: Opto22 - Mystic - I/O Boards - I/O driver


- You need :

.. ISaGRAF 'drivers' CD-ROM

.. 'IIO' I/O development tools

(or 'IDK' ISaGRAF development Kit with the source files for Windows NT)

.. the floppy disk 'OptoDriver ToolKit' delivered with OPTO 22

products, including:

. a program called 'optoport.exe' that you must launch before

running an application using OPTO22 on ISaGRAF kernel

. some DLLs ( Optomux.dll, Optocom.dll, ...)

- How to proceed?

.. launch optoport and configure WinRT:

. Enter the name of the device (ex.: com4)

. Enter the device type (AC37)

. Enter the device address ( ex.: 0x340)

.. verify in Win NT menu 'start' 'control panel' 'settings' that

the driver 'WIN RT' is started.

.. verify in your win NT system boot directory, that at least the

two DLLs (Optomux.dll, Optocom.dll) have been installed

.. restore in your workbench all I/O boards contained in the ARK

sub-directory of the '\NT-IOs\OPTMISTC' of the ISaGRAF Drivers CD-ROM

.. Copy the 2 files misticIO.DLL and misticIo.hlp from the

\NT-IOs\OPTMISTC\CMDS directory of the CD-ROM to the

CMDS\ sub-directory of your NT target main directory (In that

CMDS\ sub-directory, the program wisaker.exe is already present,

it is the ISaGRAF NT kernel executable file.

.. create an application using these boards:

that application must contain one board called 'O22COM' per

serial card used to communicate with OPTO 22 I/O's.

Each 'O22COM' board must appear before all the opto22 boards

accessed with it.

You may see the .hlp file provided in the CD-ROM

for having some configuration examples.

(If one of the described actions is not performed, boards

opening will not work )


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