Product : ISaGRAF NT target v3.23

Date    : 21 September 1998

File    : Service.How to start NT target as a NT service.htm

Subject : How to start NT target as a NT service.txt

Keywords: NT target - NT service - NTTgtSrv.exe


Q: Is it possible to use the ISaGRAF NT target as a NT service?

( And therefore to start NT kernel before session is opened and

before any password is entered )

A: Yes it is possible, using the tool NTTgtSrv.exe:

This tool has to be copied into the ISaGRAF NT target "CMDS\"


This tool can be provided by the ISaGRAF support team.

It is a service that will start the WISAKER.EXE each time it

is started, and stop the WISAKER.EXE each time it is stopped.

This tool has three parameters:

'-install' to register itself as a service.

'-remove' to unregister itself.

'-debug' to try to start WISAKER.EXE without registering the


So, once you've copied it for example in isawin\target\cmds

directory, you may enter from NT 'Run' command line:

isawin\target\cmds\NTTgtSrv -install

After being registered, the service has to be configured with the

'Services' applet of the Windows NT 'Control Panel'.

From NT task bar, click on the following menus:

'Start' 'setting' 'control panel' 'services'

It opens a dialog box with a list of all services.

Select 'ISaGRAF NT target Service' in that list.

Then click on 'Startup' button to configure starting information:

'Automatic' check box will start the service each time

the NT system starts up.

'Manual' will do nothing at NT startup, but you will have to

use the 'Start' button manually.

'Disable' will disable any starting of the service.

'System Account' will permit to start the service within any

account, and especially before login on.

'Allow Service to interact...' will permit the ISaGRAF NT target

to show its user interface.

But if checked, at login off, NT will stop the ISaGRAF

running application in WISAKER.

WISAKER will not quit. If you want that ISaGRAF NT

target to run without stop, don't check it, but you not

have user interface.

Don't forget that it is possible to configure the

ISaGRAF NT target via the ISaGRAF.INI file.


NOTE1: if you want to start WISAKERC.EXE (which is the result of

using the 'C' option of the workbench), then you will have to

rename it WISAKER.EXE to be started by the service.

As soon as the service is started, the WISAKER.EXE is also started,

and it is possible to use it as usual: download and debug of

application with ISaGRAF debugger.

When the service is stopped, the WISAKER.EXE will stop the running

application (i.e. I/O boards are closed) and then quit.


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