Product : ISaGRAF 3.30 under RTX

Date    : 18-September-2000

File    : RTX Target does not start after crash.htm

Subject : Work around the problem that RTX Target does not start after crash

Keywords: RTX - Start - rtssker.rtss


The ISaGRAF RTX Target does not restart after it has crashed.

This is due to the file rtssker.rtss that is also installed in the OS directory (file is different from the one installed in CMDS direcotry) and prevents the ISaGRAF RTX Target to start.

=>When installing the RTX target, the file rtssker.rtss is copied into 2 different directories:

- in c:\Target\cmds\rtssker.rtss
- in c:\winnt\rtss\001 or 002

=>To be able to start, please delete the file (rtssker.rtss) in the directory \winnt\rtss\001 or 002


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