Product : VxWorks target

Date    : 04-December-1996

File    : vxwcmpt.VxWorks version compliance.htm

Subject : VxWorks version compliance

Keywords: VxWorks compliance


According to Wind River systems:

There is little chance that an application developped under VxWorks

5.3 will work under 5.11 and at least has more chance (but not 100%)

to run under 5.2.

Actually the problem is that some libraries available under 5.3 are

not available under 5.2 and more especially under 5.11 (In Fact

there is total compatibilty from 5.11 or from 5.2 to 5.3 and not

the other way round; That is obviously logic).

Anyway, you can make the test by compiling (or using 5.3 compiled

modules, if at least the cpu is compatible) the ISaGRAF kernel

source under 5.11 or 5.2. It may work if all needed libraries

at the moment are available, BUT nothing ensures that in the future

non available library under 5.11 or 5.2 will not be used. In such a

case errors may appears during compiling or during the load to the

VxWorks target when the code is then linked.


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