Product : ISaGRAF 3 (Sources files for VxWorks)

Date    : 27-August-1997

File    : VxWorks.How to compile ISaGRAF VxWorks sources for Intel.htm

Subject : How to compile ISaGRAF VxWorks sources for Intel

Keywords: VxWorks - VxWorks on Intel


In order to re-compile all VxWorks sources files for a VxWorks

INTEL target, you need to:

- modify tasy0def.h for Intel target as it is described in "IDK guide"

in chapter "Souce files to be completed"

"TASY0DEF.H system definition file" (there are some definitions to keep

and other ones to remove)

- modify 'makedefs' file.

This file is used by all compilation batch files, and, if you

have Tornado as cross development tool, it is the only one that

needs to be modified.


In 'makedefs', the main elements to change are the following:

. CPU= // the CPU name has to be changed

. you must change the compiler optimisation

. CC= cc68K // the compiler name has to be changed

. LD= //the linker name has to be changed

See again IDK guide, but this time in chapter

"Task generation: generic makefiles"


- if you want to be able to save your downloaded application to

the hard disk, you need to set a pathName in TSK_FUNIT (in .spt

files) as described in target manuel, in chapter "getting

started with VxWorks target" "Application backup file storage



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