Product : ISaGRAF 3.3

Date    : 10-March-2000

File    : Change list of keywords in ST and IL.htm

Subject : How to change the list of keywords in the ST and IL editor

Keywords: Keywords - ST - IL


In ST and IL editor, a list of keywords are shown as buttons in a tool box, that can be used for easy insertion.

The list of keywords is stored in text files, in the "EXE" folder of ISaGRAF:

ILWORDS.BOX for IL Language

STWORDS.BOX for ST language

It is possible to change the list of displayed words if you prefer some others. In the file, each keyword is indicated on a line beginning with "K=". The "nbcol=" statements indicates the number of columns used to arrange buttons in the box. There cannot be more than 20 buttons. The name of a keyword cannot exceed 20 characters.


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