Product : ISaGRAF 3

Date    : 28-February-2000

File    : list of targets available for compiling.htm

Subject : Where is the list of targets available for compiling

          How to change this list

Keywords: Target - Code - Code generator - Compile


The list of available targets for code generation is stored in the

"RSCDEF.RSC" text file in the EXE folder of ISaGRAF.

By placing a ";" character at the beginning of some lines, you can

easily remove one target if you don't like it at all.

Each target is fully described in a ".RSC" file.

Such file contains the name and description of the target, and flags

to enable/disable most of standard ISaGRAF capabilities.

Warning: the name of the target must be the same as the one specified

in the "TARGET_MODEL" definition in the TASY0DEF.H file of the target

software (so you must have the IDK package to change target name).


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