Product : ISaGRAF V3

Date    : 17-December-1999

File    : Tracing the communication.htm

Subject : How to activate more traces

Keywords: trace - communication - isa.ini


In the case of RS232 communication, the beginning of sent and

received frames are displayed in the ISaGRAF Trace window, if it is

opened before launching the ISaGRAF debugger.

Useful traces including frame headers are also displayed in the

ISaGRAF Trace window in the case of ETHERNET communication.

In the case of RS232 communication, many other detailed messages can

be displayed directly in the ISaGRAF debugger message window

(with run-time errors) if the following entry is set in the

ISA.INI file:




Some more trace in the debugger

From the projet manager, hit "Ctrl+T" to have some traces

displayed in the error list. Traces are related to exchanges between

the communication server and the client applications

(list of variables to be refreshed, update notifications…)


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