Product : ISaGRAF 3.32

Date    : 20-March-2000

File    : UDTM interface in the compiler.htm

Subject : Descriptions of new hooks before compile and after compile

Keywords: UDTM - Tools menu - Compiler


In release 3.32, the ISaGRAF Compiler now supports UDTM interface for "Tools" menu extension and hooks. The following application definition was added to "UDTM.H" defintition file:

#define UDTMAPP_COMP 13 /* compiler */

As the ISaGRAF Compiler has no menu called "Tools", UDTM commands are added to the "Edit" popup menu. The "UDTM_RELOAD" return value is not supported by the compiler (nothing to reload). The following hooks are supported:

#define UDTMHOOK_BEFORE_COMPILE 400 /* Before compiling */

#define UDTMHOOK_AFTER_COMPILE 401 /* After compiling */

When the udtmItemName is defined, it contains the name of the program to be compiled. This parameter is empty when hooks are invoked for declaration checking (before any compiling or linking). The "UDTM_DENY" return value can be used to simulate a compiling error and stop the compiling process.

Ask CJ's support for new files: UDTM.H and UDTMTEST.DLL.


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