Product : ISaGRAF 3.31 and later

Date    : 13-March-2000

File    : Useful options when there is a huge number of declared variables.htm

Subject : How to improve workbench response time when having a big number of variables

Keywords: udtm32K.dll - performances - Select variable dialog box - Directly Represented variables - Dictionary checking


In release 3.31, we have enhanced the dictionary editor so that it accepts to edit up to 32K variables at the same time. Even if it allows up to 32K variables to be edited together in the dictionary, some problems remain for response time of workbench tools in such a situation. In order to optimize that, you can install the UDTM32K.DLL in the "COM" folder of ISaGRAF 3.31 beta. This DLL is delivered on the "Tools" folder of 3.31 CD-ROM. It will add three more commands in the "Tools" menu of ISaGRAF Program Manager. They are used to set undocumented options:

If you remove this option, the dictionary does not check that the same name is used twice when saving the dictionary list. Removing this option highly reduces the "save" time. Anyway, such error cases will be checked before compiling.

If you uncheck this option, the ISaGRAF does not handle anymore "%" I/O variables. This reduces the compiling time if you have a lot of I/Os declared, and obviously if you dont use "%" in programs.

When there is a huge number of variables declared, it can be very long to open the variable selection box from ISaGRAF tools. If you uncheck this option, the box does not show the list of variables when it is opened. This is obviously much faster, and you still have the possibility to enter manually the name of the variable, and to show the list by clicking on a "type" button in the selection box.


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