Product : ISaGRAF V3

Date    : 5 March 1996

File    : Vartrend.How to trace variable trends with precision.htm

Subject : How to trace variable trends with precision?

Keywords: Trends - Variable trends


The curve object included in Spotlight utility included in the

workbench debugger allows the user to trace variables.

But this tool has very poor precision because variable storing is

made through communication.


If the storing of variable trends requires precision, it is needed

to record the variable states on the PLC. This can be acheived using

OEM or server tools. The easiest way to analyse the results is to

transmit them to a PC (using any RS232 protocol driven by the OEM or

server software, or through application function blocks), and to

perform data manipulation and presentation with a standard tool such

as EXCEL spreadsheet. It is also possible to develop specific tools

directly linked with ISaGRAF product.


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