Product : ISaGRAF V3.2

Date    : 22 July 1998

File    : VXA.What are Variable eXtented Attributes.htm

Subject : What are Variable eXtented Attributes

Keywords: VXA - Variable Extended Attributes


Since 3.21 release, with 'WDK' product (included in IDK), a feature

called 'VXA' is available.


Using WDK source and manual, you may implement a DLL for ISaGRAF

workbench called VXA.DLL.


Each time a variable is declared, copied, modified, saved,

compiled, downloaded to target, a procedure from your VXA.DLL will

be called.


Possible implementation of that DLL you may do:

. example 1:

exchanging variables with a supervisor in order to avoid double

declaration : each time a variable is modified in ISaGRAF

dictionary, you may update your supervisor data-base.

. example 2:

defining variables comments in multiple languages : when project

document is printed, you could then select language for variable


. example 3:

associating flags to some variables, build a resource file to link

those flags to your variable identifiers, and download that

resource file to ISaGRAF target within your TIC code.


The last printout of "IDK guide V3.3" contains a

complete chapter describing all VXA DLL functions interface.


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