Product: ISaGRAF V3

Date : 5 March 1996

File : Isaicons.Identification of ISaGRAF main icons.htm

Subject: Identification of ISaGRAF main icons

Keywords: Icons - wspm1edt.exe - Project manager - wsdt1edt.exe -

          Diagnosis tool - wslb1edt.exe - Library manager

          wsar1edt.exe - Archiver - WSHP0000.HLP - Book

          readme - Bug Report



Below is the list of icons located in the ISaGRAF group


Name: Projects

Command: \isawin\exe\wspm1edt.exe


Name: Diagnosis

Command: \isawin\exe\wsdt1edt.exe


Name: Libraries

Command: \isawin\exe\wslb1edt.exe


Name: Archive

before 3.30: Command: \isawin\exe\wsar1edt.exe

This executable has been suppressed since version 3.30.

Archive tool is launch from the Tools menu of the Project

manager and the library manager.


Name: Book

before 3.30: Command: \isawin\exe\wshp1edt.exe

after 3.30: Command: \isawin\exe\WSHP0000.HLP


Name: Readme

before 3.30: Command: Write \isawin\exe\readme.wri

after 3.30: Command: \isawin\exe\readme.hlp


Name: Report

Command: Write \isawin\exe\report.wri


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