Product : ISaGRAF V3

Date    : 3 June 1997

File    : LocalINI.Local INI file with remote EXE directory.htm

Subject : Local INI file with remote EXE directory

Keywords: isa.ini - remote Exe directory


To have EXE directory installed on a remote shared disk

drive and a ISaGRAF settings stored in local disk, just

create a ISA.INI file in the Windows directory of the

local disk, and add the following entry in it:





If Local entry is set to 1, the local ISA.INI file in

Windows directory is used in place of standard one in EXE



Library is contained in the LIB sub directory under the

pathname indicated in "Isa" entry.


Below is an example of recommended installation:


ISaGRAF is installed on both server and local machines

On local machines, EXE subdirectory can be empty

ISA.ini file in c:\windows local directory:



Local=1 ; use this setting

Isa=c:\isawin ; EXE directory can be empty in

local c:\isawin

IsaExe=z:\isawin\exe ; exe files installed on the server

IsaTmp=c:\isawin\tmp ; private temporary files

IsaApl=c:\isawin\apl ; private applications

; private libraries in c:\isawin\lib


This installation provides:

- shared exe

- private libraries and applications


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