Product : ISaGRAF V3

Date    : 17-June-1997

File    : Thunk.Calling 32 bit DLLs from ISaGRAF workbench.htm

Subject : Calling 32 bit DLLs from ISaGRAF workbench

Keywords: Thunk - 16bit / 32bit - DLL


ISaGRAF version V3.x is a Windows 16 bit application. ISaGRAF WDK

(workbench development tool kit provided with IDK) provides opening by

re-writing some of ISaGRAF DLLs.

Such DLLs must be 16 bit coded, developped with MSVC 1.52.

If you want to implement 32 bit DLLs, you also need to implement a

thunking DLL to provide 16 to 32 bit interface.

This can be done using standard thunking method.

Below is an example of integration for ISDK_COM.DLL:

MSVC 4.0 includes complete documentation about thunking:


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