1.2.5   Clients

Figure 1.13 WebAccess Clients

WebAccess Clients act as full function Operator Workstations and Engineers Workstations using the Internet Explorer 6.0 or 7.0 Web Browser. Every Graphic and Display is viewable over a LAN, an intranet, the Internet or other TCP/IP connection including Dial-up RAS. This includes user built displays, trend displays, system displays, screen scripts, and animation.  Every Engineering function including Tag Database, Node and Device communication Drivers and the Graphics builder are available through the web browser clients.

VIEW is the runtime version with full animation graphics. Ordinary Users and operators (typically a control room operator or building maintenance personnel) use VIEW to monitor the real-time data and to control.  These are the final end users.

Figure 1.14 - WebAccess VIEW with animation, trends, live data and video

Our Graphics Builder is called DRAW (if using a web browser). An engineer or automation technician would use DRAW to develop graphics using a Web Browser with the Client Plug-in. 

The graphics represent the facility or process that is to be monitored and controlled. For example, if the application is a building, the graphics have representation of floor plans for temperature controls and representations of equipment used to cool or heat the building: chillers, air handlers, boilers plus the pipes, valves and ducts that interconnect them. These graphics are animated to connect to real-time data.  Information is updated as fast as 10 times per second to once every 15 minutes depending on the process and automation hardware. 

Engineers and Technicians would connect to the Project Manager using an ordinary web browser to configure communications to devices, IO Tags, Alarms, Trends, Recipes, and other SCADA features.

The WebAccess Client is an Active-X control (a "plug-in") for Internet Explorer (IE 6.0 or 7.0 are required). Users are prompted when they first connect to VIEW or DRAW to download and install the Client Plug-in.