1.        Introduction to WebAccess HMI & SCADA


This Guide introduces the Operators and Users to all the features, components and terminology of the WebAccess HMI and SCADA.  It is intended to instruct the use of VIEW, the run-time version of animated graphics, real-time data, trends, alarms, video, reports and other Human Interface features.  The topics covered include:

·         Applications of WebAccess HMI and SCADA.

·         Network architectures and Standalone architectures

·         Software components

·         Concepts & Terminology


·         A "tour" of the Features of WebAccess HMI / SCADA software

·         Web Browser log-in

·         Display Navigation

o        Standard Tool bars

o        Standard Menus

o        Point Goto

·         Change the value of a Tag

o        Toggle switches

o        Sliders (i.e. Drag Regions)

o        Pushbuttons

o        Point Info (tag Browser)

o        Change Dialog Box

·         Animated Graphics

·         Video

·         Pre-built System Displays

o        Alarm Summary, Alarm Group, Alarm Log

o        Action Log

o        Trends

o        Recipes

o        Video

o        Overview and Faceplate displays

o        Block Detail and Point Detail

o        Station Status (Communication)

o        Global Script Status and User Program Status

·         Scheduled Reports

·         Extracting Data from Logging Databases

·         How to Download and Install Client Plug-in