10.3       Text-to-Speech Alarm Annunciator

Text-to-Speech technology Annunciates alarms locally on the SCADA node. A choice of male and female voices reads the Tag name, description, Alarm Type, Alarm Limit and Alarm Value.   No recording is required by the user.

A sound card and speaker is required.

There are multiple voices, Microsoft Mike, Microsoft Mary, Mike (for Telephone), Adult Male American English 1, etc.  Nine voices are supplied standard with WebAccess SCADA node software. Any Microsoft supplied voice can be used including those downloaded from Microsoft or installed from a Microsoft CD.

The Text-to-Speech annunciator will announce on the local SCADA Node even if ViewDAQ is closed or minimized. Text-to-Speech Alarm Annunciation will occur if the SCADA node kernel is running (and the sound card turned on). Each Alarm will be annunciated.  Each alarm is announced only once. If there are multiple alarms associated with a tag, then next alarm is not annunciated until the higher precedence alarm is acknowledged.

Text-to-Speech Alarm Annunciation can be enabled for all, some or none of the alarms in your system.  The engineer or technician can enable or disable Text-to-Speech for each tag during configuration.