10.4       Alarm Beep (System Speaker)

The SCADA Node and web browser Clients will "Beep" using the PC's system speaker if there are active unacknowledged alarms. 

The beep will continue (on the SCADA Node and Clients) until all alarms are acknowledged.

To silence the beep, use the ACKNOWLEDGE ALL pushbutton on the Alarm Summary or display.

Remote Clients can acknowledge alarms. If there are multiple SCADA Nodes in the same project, remote alarms on the remote SCADA node will 'beep" on all other SCADA Nodes.

Alarm Beep can be enabled for all or none of the alarms in your system.  The engineer or technician can enable or disable the Alarm Beep, Duration and Frequency (pitch) during configuration.

Alarms generated by tags are beeped. System Alarms (e.g. loss of communication) are not normally beeped.