12.1.7   Waiting for Connection To SCADA Node

If you get the message “Waiting For Connection to SCADA Node”, it might be as simple as the SCADA Node is “stopped”.

Figure 12.4 Waiting for Connection to SCADA Node.

The good news is you are talking to the Project Node.  If you have a Multiple Project or multiple Node system, it may be that you are trying to connect to a SCADA Node or Project that is off line.

For a Multiple Node System:

1.      Try selecting Start View for a different SCADA Node or Project. You may have to try all of those listed.  There maybe only one “real project” and one “real SCADA node”, but an engineer has configured others for testing of future commissioning. 

2.      Try selecting Start Node.  You should do this if you know which Node should be running in which project. 

                                                  i.      To Start a Node, you will be prompted for username and password. You will need an administrator (admin) or Project User name and password to start a node.

Figure 12.5 Start Node - admin or Project User Log in