3.2              "Right Click" Popup Menu

1.      Right Click the mouse inside the WebAccess Browser window.

2.      Navigation Popup Menu appears (Figure 3.1).


Figure 3.1 - Right Click VIEW Menu

3.      Drag the mouse down the Navigation Popup Menu to GOTO (Figure 3.2).


Figure 3.2 - Navigation Popup Menu - GOTO menu selected

On any display, you can Right Click the Mouse the get a Navigation Popup Menu.

Selecting GOTO shows a list of all Standard Function Keys. These keys are also on the Default Toolbar near the top of each display.

Note 1 -     ViewDAQ, the non-web browser version of WebAccess, uses the Right Click Menu for control of Display Groups (a Windows Management feature).  The "Right Click Menu" functions from VIEW are found on the standard Windows Menu Bar in ViewDAQ.

Note 2 -  The Right-Click menu can be disabled by engineers and technicians in ViewDAQ and or VIEW  locally on  each PC..