5.1.11                     Alarm Precedence

The Alarm Priority of High-High alarms must be greater than that of a High alarm if both are configured for the same tag. Similarly, the Alarm Priority of Low-Low Alarms must be greater than the alarm priority of low alarms if both are configured for the same tag. The WebAccess Project Manager (Configuration Tool) will warn for this when trying to save a Tags configuration.

If more than one alarm is in the Alarm State for the same tag, only one alarm is reported. The precedence of alarms for the same tag is

·         High-High, Low-Low

·         High, Low,

·         Rate of Change and

·         Deviation.

For example, if both High-High, High, Deviation and Rate of Change alarms are all true, only the High-High alarm is reported in the alarm summary and alarm log.