5.13.1                     Recipe List Dialog Box

Figure 5.31 - Recipe List- VIEW

The Recipe List Dialog Box is a popup in VIEW that allows Operators to:

·         Select a Recipe File

·         Select a Unit  (if there are multiple process units or equipment that a recipe could be sent to)

·         Select a Recipe (if there are multiple recipes within the Recipe File)

F8 and  <DIALOG>RECIPE pushbutton keymacros will call up the Recipe Dialog Box allowing operators and users to select a recipe file, recipe and unit.

Figure 5.32 - Recipe File with multiple Recipe Names and Units

The Recipe List is generated automatically by WebAccess. This allows you to easily implement recipes that can be downloaded for:

·         Multiple equipment line-ups,

·         Different batch recipes for the same equipment

·         Blending,

·         Start-up and shutdown procedures,

·         Equipment turnarounds

·         And other process control applications.

Each time an operator opens a recipe to download, an entry is made in the Change Log. 

Operators and Users must have the appropriate Area and Level Security to download.