5.13        Recipes

A Recipe allows an Operator or User to change the value of many tags with a single pushbutton.  In version 3.0, recipes enable downloading, scaling and verifying pre-set values during run-time.

The Recipe function is similar in concept to a "recipe" used in cooking food.  A Recipe is a collection of pre-set values or setpoints for multiple ingredients.  Engineers configure a recipe (like writing a cook book) in the Project Manager.  During Run-time, Operators and Users can download the recipe using a single pushbutton.  Dozens or hundreds of values can be changed with a single pushbutton.

 Common uses for recipes include setting up machines and manufacturing tools for a "new run" or a different product.  Recipes are also used to enable shutdown settings or startup settings.

Multiple "Recipes" can be downloaded to a single Unit. Examples include multiple formulas for mixing paint in different colors (red, orange, blue) and mixing different grades of gasoline (regular, regular unleaded, summer season unleaded regular, winter unleaded regular, premium unleaded).

A single recipe can be downloaded to multiple "Units", for example mix orange paint on both Mixer No. 1 and Mixer No. 2.