5.15.1                     Force a Circuit Group ON or OFF

To force a Circuit group ON or OFF (i.e. to turn on all the lights now), use the MANUAL ON or MANUAL OFF options under

1.      Right Click the mouse in VIEW.

2.      Select Tools -> Scheduler.

3.      Select Circuit Group.

4.      Select the Circuit Group to manually force it ON or OFF.

5.      If it is a work day (not a holiday), select the pull down list next to Workday Mode.

Figure 5.42 Scheduler Manual ON

6.      Select Manual On or Manual OFF as is appropriate.

7.      Select SAVE.

8.      Select Download to SCADA Node.

Note - As long as MANUAL ON or MANUAL OFF is saved, the schedule will be ignored.

9.      If the next scheduled ON or Off time is to be used, then:

                                      i.       Select Automatic for the Workday Mode.

                                     ii.      Select SAVE.

                                   iii.      Select Download to SCADA Node.