5.3              Alarm Groups

An Alarm Group is typically a process unit in a multi-process plant. An Alarm Disable/Enable pushbutton is provided on the Alarm Group.  This is intended to allow operators to Disable Alarms for a Unit that is shutdown or out of service, thereby eliminating nuisance alarms. This is the most common application for the Alarm Group Display.

Figure 5.5 - Alarm Group

An Alarm Group Display summarizes alarm events for a fixed and limited number of tags (100 tags maximum in an Alarm Group).  In contrast, the Alarm Summary displays all active and unacknowledged alarms in reversed chronological order.

Alarm Groups can be configured in any logical arrangement. These are user configurable.

The information provided for each tag includes the alarm priority, date and time of the alarm, alarm type, Alarm Limit, value, and status of the alarm.

The Alarm Group Displays use a pre-built template display.  Alarm Groups are easily configured, by typing the Tagname in a list.  Alarming does not need to be enabled to add a tag to an alarm group.

The Alarm Group List is a Popup Dialog Box showing all configured Alarm Groups.


Figure 5.6 - Alarm Group List pop-up menu

The Alarm Group List can be viewed from:

The Alarm Group button  on the Standard Toolbar

Or, the F6 function key on the keyboard

Or, a pushbutton with the <DIALOG>ALMGROUP keymacro. 

Or, using the Right-Click Menu in a web browser VIEW:
 Right Click->Goto->Alarm Group

          Or, the menubar in ViewDAQ: Goto->Alarm Group

Or, from the Point Goto Dialog Box.

 An alarm group can be called directly from a Pushbutton with the <GOTO>ALMGROUP=group number keymacro.

Power Users, General Users and the admin account can view Alarm Groups through a Web Browser. (Restricted users cannot view Alarm Groups through a Web Browser). All users can view Alarm Groups locally on the SCADA node using ViewDAQ.

The Alarm Group Display is a pre-built template display supplied with Web Access. It can be customized by engineers and technicians using DRAW.  How your Alarm Group Colors, Flashing, Fonts, etc. behave may vary based on how (or if) the Almgrp.Bxx (and Almgrp.dxx) on your system is modified.