5.8              Global Script Status

WebAccess can execute scripts (a user written program).  Scripts use the open source language named Tcl, enhanced with functions to interact with Displays, read and write data to field devices.  Scripts can be executed by the WebAccess SCADA node to do custom reports, control actions, etc.


Similar to User Program display, the Global Script Status Display allows you to monitor the status of scripts executed by the SCADA node and enable to disable those scripts.


Figure 5.23 - Global Script Status display

Note - there are also "Screen Scripts" which can be executed by the web browser clients.

The Global Script Status Display can be viewed by

The Standard Toolbar button

Or, Ctrl+F6 function keys

Or, a pushbutton with the <GOTO>GSCRIPT keymacro.

Or, the Right-Click Menu in a web browser VIEW
 Right Click -> Goto -> Global Script

Or from the menubar in ViewDAQ Goto -> Global Script


Only Power Users and the admin account can view the Global Script Status Display through a Web Browser. (General Users and Restricted users cannot view the Station Status through a Web Browser). All users can view the Station Status locally on the SCADA node using ViewDAQ.

DISABLE will stop the Script on the SCADA node. 

ENABLE will run the script on the SCADA node.