5.9              OVERVIEW Displays

OVERVIEW Display Groups are a system Template display providing an overview of all tags including Block Tags assigned to the group.  Overview Groups allow a large number of Tags to be displayed in a Summary Form without Graphics Building.

There is a display hierarchy that allows you to drill down:
Overview -> Faceplate Group -> Block Detail -> Point Detail
This display hierarchy is similar to DCS systems.

Overview Group Dialog Box appears if there is more than 1 page to the Overview.  The Overview Group Display lists the value for Tags and the first parameter of Block Tags to provide an overview of your system. 

The Overview Display or Overview Group List Dialog Box can be viewed by:

The Standard Toolbar button

Or, the F1 function key

Or, a pushbutton with the <GOTO>OVERVIEW= keymacro.

Or, the Right-Click Menu in a web browser VIEW
 Right Click -> Goto -> Overview

Or from the menubar in ViewDAQ Goto -> Overview

The default Overview Groups are Text Displays.  They can be modified using DRAW to create Fills, Bars and other graphical representations. The Overview Template source is ovrgrp.dxx


Figure 5.24 - Overview Display

Click Group 1 to call up the Group 1 Faceplate Group Display.

Click Group 2 to call up the Group 2 Faceplate Group Display.

One display template can show all the Tag and Blocks in your SCADA node.  Overview Groups are built automatically from Faceplate groups.   You build Faceplate Groups by listing the tagnames in a list. The Over view groups use the same list.