5.        Standard Displays

WebAccess supplies a set of pre-built displays that allow you to begin viewing controlling without any display building.  These also make it faster to develop and deploy a system. These displays work with every tag you build (and standard block types).  The Overview-Faceplate-Block Detail Point Detail set provides a display hierarchy for drilling down similar to DCS systems used in petroleum, paper, beverage and the other process control industries.

·         Alarm Summary

·         Alarm Group

·         Alarm Log

·         Action Log

·         Data Log Trend

·         Real-time Trend

·         Central ODBC Logs

·         Recipe

·         Video

·         Overview

·         Faceplate

·         Block Detail

·         Point Detail

·         Station Status (Communication)

·         Global Script Status

·         User Program Status

Users can customize these displays using the graphics builder (DRAW).  Let’s take a quick tour.