6.1.1   Display Group features

Display functions include:

·   Open multiple ViewDAQ and VIEW windows from a single Button click (for example, a trend window, an alarm window and a display window).

·   Exit Password Level (ViewDAQ only) can be defined to prevent users from closing the ViewDAQ display window and stopping WebAccess SCADA node.  If at least one ViewDAQ window is open, the "kernel" can not be stopped locally if ViewDAQ is running. The Project Manager can always stop the kernel. Web browser VIEW clients can always be closed by the user.

·         User-defined MAIN page that opens when WebAccess. Each Display group can have a different opening page. This can be a user-built display, alarm summary, trend display or any display in the system.

·         Pop-up Windows including Pop-ups that are always on top and any size.

·   Prevent users from resizing, moving or minimizing the ViewDAQ window or web browser VIEW window.

·         Add your company name or other description to the Title Bar.

·         Hide the Menu Bar, Toolbar, Status Bar and Scroll Bar.