6.11                                     Style Options

Style Options allow you to control the Minimize, Maximize, Close, Hide and Window Reposition controls including:

·         Hide the Minimize, Maximize, and Close buttons
on the top right of the Windows Title Bar (Popup with Title).

·         Hide the Windows Title Bar completely (Popup without Title).

·         Use standard Windows Title Bar with Minimize, Maximize, Resize and Close buttons  (Overlapped Window with Title).


Figure 6.51 Title Bar

The Title Bar is the top most bar on the ViewDAQ Window. At the top left, it has a Title (which can be re-defined using ViewDAQ Definition).  The Style Options allow you to hide the buttons and the Title bar itself.

Note - these commands are available in ViewDAQ, not web browser VIEW.


Figure 6.52 Style Options – ViewDAQ

To change the Style Options of a ViewDAQ Window:

1.      Login as a user with ViewDAQ Security level of 127.

2.      From Menu Bar in ViewDAQ, select View -> Style Options. (Figure 6.52)

3.      Select the desired Window Option: Popup with Title or Popup without Title (Note - Overlapped Window with Title is the default setting).

4.      To create a new ViewDAQ Group with this Style see Save a new Display Group

5.      Otherwise, to save to an existing ViewDAQ Group:

a.      Select File -> Save ViewDAQs in Display Group

b.      From Dialog Box, select name of the ViewDAQ to save this as.

Note - these commands are available in ViewDAQ, not web browser VIEW.