6.9.1   Close ViewDAQs in Display Group…

Pops open a Dialog Box with a List of opened Display Groups.  Allows you to close the ViewDAQ by name.

Figure 6.33 Display Group List

To close a Display Group by name:

1.      Select File from the Menu Bar (Figure 6.32) or Right Click (Figure 6.24)

2.      Select Close ViewDAQs -> Close ViewDAQs in Display Group.

3.      From the Display Group List (Figure 6.33) select the name of the Display Group to close

4.      Select OK.

If two Display Groups with the same name are opened (e.g. main opened multiple times) all ViewDAQ windows with the selected name will be closed.  All dependants to the named Display group will be closed (this includes dependants saved with the group and any Display group opened using Open Dependant).

If Exit Password is configured for the selected display group, the Display Group will close only if Logged In user has the ViewDAQ security level greater or equal to that configured for Exit Password Level. Otherwise a popup password dialog box will request new User Name and Password to login with the Security Level required listed.

Note - these commands are available in ViewDAQ, not web browser VIEW.