Exit ViewDAQ

Exit View applies only to ViewDAQ, the non-browser based version of VIEW used on the SCADA node.   A web browser client can always be closed.  The local non-web browser version that runs on the SCADA node can be set up to require a password to close the WebAccess Display Window.

An Exit Password Level can be configured.  This feature prevents operators from closing the Control System Window.  Further, WebAccess cannot be shutdown from the local taskbar if at least one ViewDAQ window is open.

If so configured, a pop-up dialog box appears requesting a user name and password, with the security level required to close the ViewDAQ window (The Level is configurable, the Area is always 127).

Figure 8.1Password Dialog Box - Exit ViewDAQ

Note -     an administrator or user logged in with the security level required to close the display window will not be prompted to log in.