9.3              Tag Fields

TAG Fields are the Alarm Limits, Span Hi, Span Lo, and Description, Eng Units associated with each tag.  Changes to Tags Fields are temporary until the client is restarted (or View is restarted). Permanent changes to tag fields are done using the Project Manager. Tag Fields are equivalent to Area 126. Some Tag Fields are read only.

Tag fields are addressed using a period (.) after the tag name or parameter name.  Each tag and parameter has a full set of TAG Fields.  Examples of Tag Fields include Alarm Limits, Description, SPANHI, SPAN LO, and ENG UNITS.

Level 127 is administrator level and is required to change Field Tags (for example, change alarm limits from the point detail).  All Tag Fields that are not read only require Level 127 in order to change them.  Read Only Tag Fields (level 255) cannot be changed regardless of user level.

Setting a user's Level = 127 for TAG Fields, enables him to change the tag fields for ALL tags.  To enable users to change the tag fields for only some tags, consider using a script or keymacro assigned to a pushbutton.

Pushbutton Keymacros and screen scripts can change a Tag field for all users, regardless of the user's security Area and Level.