2.2.3 - Add a Constant Point

Let’s create a Constant Point Tag. As an example, this guide uses the LiveDemo. If someone has already created the tag, use a different name for your constant point tag.


1.      Select Const Point from the navigation frame on the left under "Project/Node", figure 2.8.  


2.      A list of Constant Points appears in the main frame (figure 2.9a).


Figure 2.9a - Constant Point List

3.      Select Add Constant Point from the main frame.


4.      The "Create New Tag (Constant)" Page appears (Figure 2.9b)


Figure 2.9b - CONSTANT Point configuration

5.      Type a Tag Name.

For example, type SPEED


6.      Scroll down and change any other fields you desire.

7.      Press Submit button.


Congratulations! You just created a constant point Tag.  You must download and restart the SCADA node for the point to become active.