A.3.1 - Draw a Widget - Meter


1.      Click the Widget icon  from the Draw Toolbar (see A.2).

2.      Select $meter01 from the Widget File List (figure A.4).


Figure A.4 - Widget File List Dialog Box

3.      Select OK.


4.     The TAG LIST appears (figure A.5).

Figure A.5 - Tag List


5.      Select the DaqTag button  to view all system tags
(figure A.5). This list is always full of tags.


6.      Select the I/O Tag button  to view all tags built by the user
(figure A.5). This list may be empty if there are no user-built tags.


7.      Select a TAG from the List (for example, SINE).

8.      Select OK.


9.      Position the Widget with the Crosshair. An outline of the widget is superimposed on Crosshair (figure A.6).

Figure A.6 - Crosshair with Widget outline

10.  Click once to Draw Widget (figure A.7).

Figure A.7 - Meter Widget


Congratulations! You have just drawn and animated a meter that will indicate the value of your tag.  The needle will move as the value changes. The High Scale and Low Scale of the Tag will be displayed.