A.3.5 - SAVE Graphic

1.      Right Click -> File -> Save BGR.

OR - Select the Save BGR Icon .


2.      The SAVE BGR File Dialog Box appears (figure A.13).


Figure A.13 - SAVE BGR File (Save Graphic)

3.      Type a File name for the graphic with the .bgr extension.  For example type METER.BGR

4.      Check the SAVE DRW option.


5.      Select Entire Drawing radio button .


6.      Select OK.


7.      The Save DRW dialog Box appears.  Accept the default name, which is the same as the BGR.

8.      Select OK.


The BGR file is a compiled Graphic suitable for Display by the WebAccess Client.  You cannot edit a BGR file. The DRW file is the source file. You cab Edit the DRW file and generate a new BGR file.  They do not have to be the same name, but it is easier to remember if you do.