Change dialog box - Analog

1.      There are two methods to get the Change Dialog Box.

·  Select the Change button in the Point Info Dialog Box (figure 4.11).


·         Double click on any pick-able dynamic number on a user built graphic (figure 4.10).

2.      The Analog Change Dialog Box appears (figure 4.12).

3.      Click the Ramp Arrows to change a value.


Figure 4.12  - CHANGE dialog Box for ANALOG tag

4.      Click the number keys in the Change Dialog Box
(figure 4.12) to enter a value.

For example, ENTER 60

5.      Click Enter to close the Change Dialog Box (figure 4.12).

6.      Click Exit to close the Point Info Dialog Box (figure 4.12).


Click Hold Output to keep the dialog box open while making a change instantly effective.

You can use both the keyboard or mouse to enter values.