Default Login - Username and Password


1.      The Login in display appears.  Yours mma look different. The default WebAccess reads "Please Login"  (figure 4.3).



2.      Click anywhere with the mouse on the center of the WebAccess display and the Login Dialog Box appears (figure 4.4).


Figure 4.4 - Login Dialog Box

3.      Enter "User Name".

Note that you can use either your keyboard or the mouse in the Login dialog box.

4.      Enter "Password".

The default login is,

User Name: admin


(i.e. a blank password)

Tip - if this is a newly installed system, use the default login.

5.      Press the Enter key. WebAccess Welcome Display appears (figure 4.5).


Figure 4.5 - Main.bgr - the default Welcome page in VIEW.



(Note- the main display can be modified and yours may look different).


Congratulations! You are connected via the Internet to the first fully web-base HMI and SCADA system.