Determine User's Security Privileges

1) Open the Control Panel   (Click on Start->Settings->Control Panel).

2) Double Click on Administrative Tools.

3) Double Click on Computer Management.

4) Click on Local Users and Groups.

5) Click on Users.

6) Double Click on Users.

7) From the List, Right Click on Your User Name.

8) From the popup menu, Click on Properties.

9) From the Properties box, Click on the Member Of tab.


Figure A.5 - Windows 2000 User Security - Power User required to run WebAccess Client


If it lists Power Users (see figure A.5), you are a Standard User and can install and run WebAccess Client.


If it lists Users (see figure A.6), you are a Restricted User and cannot install and cannot run Web Access Client.  Contact you system administrator and ask to be changed to a Power User.

Figure A.6 - Windows 2000 Restricted User